We guide expeditions to the summits of brand, strategy and creativity.

Your greatest ambitions: We’ll take you there – and beyond. No challenge too great in finding that spark. Let’s climb mountains and surf streams. Break boundaries and conquer the unexplored.

We guide in ideas and strategy.
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We explore design and branding.
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We reach the highest peaks in communication.
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For us, strategy is not a means to an end, but the starting point of powerful messages. We determine a route and put together a team of experts from different disciplines to suit your goals.

We are happy to work successfully in direct exchange with you and discuss questions in personal discussions and workshops. And then we're on our way to find the essentials. An idea. No more and no less.

  • Corporate identity
  • Brand Identity
  • Employer branding
  • Positioning
  • Guiding principles
  • Key messages
  • Content strategies
  • Brand values
  • Corporate values

We guide workshops: with decision-makers, target groups, departments or developers. With our modular method, we then develop a solid foundation for an effective use of communication, design and brand experiences.

We know: Good design affects. Activates desire. Creates uniqueness. And is a factor for success.

Our ambition and our promise: no ready-made solution. But design that is easy to argue, follows an overall concept and where necessary has the boldness to be different. There's no path too far for that.

  • Design systems and design concepts
  • Corporate design, visual language and imagery
  • Key visuals, campaigns
  • Websites and Interfaces
  • Visual branding for products and merchandise
  • Analogue, and digital communication media


Good stories don't grow on trees. In times of instagram and a superhuman content machinery, only really relevant issues have the chance to be remembered. And to stand out from the avalanche of constant information.

That's why it is the goal of each of our expeditions to find a spark. And to put this message in such a way that it makes a lasting impression.

  • Brand story, slogan, claim, name creation
  • Campaign idea
  • Storytelling
  • Language and tonality: master texts, headlines
  • Corporate communication
  • Brand communication
  • Product communication
  • Recruiting communication



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